Basic tier

Business tier

Enterprise tier

  • Starting price: €20 per month*

  • Features:
    • 1 AI assistant
    • 100 hours (or 1 GB) of training data
    • Basic natural language processing (NLP) capabilities
    • Integration with productivity tools like Google Workspace, Outlook365 or Slack

  • Ideal for: Small businesses with limited needs

*Prices are excluding 21% VAT and assume a usage of no more than 100.000 tokens

  • Starting price: €50 per month*

  • Features:
    • 5 AI assistants
    • 500 hours (or 3 GB) of training data
    • Advanced NLP capabilities (multiple reasoning chains)
    • Integration with most CRM systems
    • Reinforcement learning with human feedback
    • Set up in your own or our managed infrastructure

  • Ideal for: Mid-sized businesses with more complex needs
  • Contact us for custom pricing

  • Features:
    • 10 AI assistants
    • 1,000 hours (or up to 1TB) of training data
    • Customizable NLP models (your choice of parameters)
    • Integration with Confluence, Google Drive, and custom CRM systems
    • Reinforcement learning with human feedback
    • Ongoing fine-tuning 

  • Ideal for: Large enterprises with high-volume AI requirements