Your expertise. 

Supercharged by AI.

We empower your business, employees and customers by providing cutting edge, zero-effort AI agents trained on any material you provide.

 Knowledge as intelligence

Make your internal docs, processes, knowledgebases, instructions or websites come to life

 Flexible, custom functionality

Easily create an experienced coach for new employees, an HR rep, or even a customer success agent on your website!

We do the heavy lifting!

Let us turn all your know-how into sophisticated vectorspace models built for fast retrieval. This allows you to interact in natural language with any of your data!

What we do

Our software turns your own knowledgebase, documentation, corporate policies, marketing website or any other information you specify into an experienced, intelligent employee that can use your information to;

  • Help train new hires
  • Assist sales and customer service staff, or even
  • Act as a sales representative on your website

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Our vision

VectorFunction strongly believes that all business, no matter their size, should have the opportunity to supercharge their growth and productivity with AI. 

This is why we designed our powerful AI solutions to be flexible, light-weight and low-cost, ready to integrate into businesses of all sizes.

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Your questions, feedback, and ambitions fuel our innovation. Whether you're curious about our services, seeking a tailored AI solution, or need support, we are ready to assist.

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